Progress in magazine group project.

Magazine layout

In this week’s lesson of EGD, i have done up my layout and showing it to Mr Cheo for approval. For this project, i have decided to use the modular grid as the grid to my layout. I feel that the modular grid is less confusing as compared to the star grid. Furthermore, it compliments my layout and allows me to place the graphical elements more efficiently and effectively.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10.19.25 am So here is my grid before drawing out my layout.

Before i show you my final layout, these are the few layouts which has been rejected my Mr Cheo.









After a lot of reconsidering and revaluation, i have finally come up with my final layout which he has accepted!

10530918_4573383988350_1014849026858076737_n Here is my final layout! With this, i am able to start on the digital version of my magazine spread.

Thank you.


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