Paragraphing and character styles!





 Paragraph and character styles 

When it comes to Word styles, everything is in the name. Styles are one of the most important and valuable tools for creating documents! Without styles, everything would just be boring and readers would lose their attention quickly, and no one would want that to happen to them right? Imagine writing an award winning article, but having a boring interface.. what a waste!



For this lesson of EGD, i learnt about the various tools for character design and paragraph styling! 



10330334_4539382898344_2449202379484117960_n This icon shows the place where you can alter the size of the fonts to fit your paragraph!


The illustration above shows how you can set different paragraphs styles to  add on to the aesthetics.

10518638_4539383458358_7354085182530863424_n So once the paragraph tab is out, you would be able to see this. As you can see, the icon my curser is pointing out clearly says “Create new style” this is like creating a new layer in photoshop etc for neater and more organised work.

10550869_4539383818367_7394882326668523081_n This shows the many components of a paragraph you can alter from. From text colour, basic character formats, advanced character formats, indents and spacing, tabs, paragraph rules, keep options, hyphenation, justification, span columns, drop caps and nested styles, GREP style, bullets and numbering character colour, opentype features, underline options, strikethrough options, and lastly export tagging!

44556_4539383978371_765900038085161020_n Over here i was exploring the various settings available before starting on work 🙂


10451064_4539384178376_8504193703734165093_n As you can see, the first letter of each sentence can be modified with the use of the paragraph tab. This can be used to add prominence to the sentence, allowing people to know that it is the beginning of the passage, to prevent confusion.


Alright, now that i have explored enough, Mr Cheo gave the class an exercise! to come up with a text filled page with the various newly learned functions included.


10563073_4539384538385_7811435869941481541_n So firstly, i am altering the size of my fonts for variety, because having everything in the same sized font can make the article seem really boring, 


997003_4539384698389_2042922907686351115_nAs you can see on the top part of the illustration, i have also changed the colour of the introductory paragraph so as to make it look more interesting and appealing to the eye.


10544313_4539384938395_3963314094778479348_nAn alteration of the font size was made, adding on to the prominence of the introductory paragraph. 

10478944_4539385338405_3907489420512103539_n To make it even more interesting looking, i have altered the size of  the first letter of the introductory paragraph as well as highlighted a few words, by changing the size as well as the colour of the word! 



These are some dimensions you should take note of!

10569031_4539385738415_9118908396176333100_nThis lesson was extremely informative and interesting. i definitely learnt a lot and hope to make use of the various techniques on future projects and assignments! 🙂 















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