Indesign practice 5

Welcome back! This week’s lesson consisted of our prep work for our group assignment as well as  yet another indesign practice to master the basics and fundamentals of Indesign! This practice allowed me to familiarise with the various text tools indesign has. Upon achieving the skill of the various tools used in this, I should be able to do my group project without any issues.

This practice tests my newly adopted skills from the previous lesson, which is paragraphing and character styles! as said before, no matter how interesting your article may be, a boring interface would be an extreme turn off to most readers!!

So, as usual, here is a step-by-step process from start to finish of this exercise! 🙂

10457957_4571325376886_7721607657317413725_n First and foremost, the setting of the margins. I would have to set the paper size as A3, and change the settings so as to have 2 pages.

10577052_4571325536890_7948990987254229060_n There we go. As you can see, the “number of pages” has been changed to 2. With the settings set as shown above, i can now start on the practice itself!

10600477_4571325176881_3469602506133298715_n  10599480_4571324936875_4213929623372474756_n

Before i start, let me just show you the 2 min icons that i will be using in this exercise. The font size icon, and the text colour icon. They are both circled in red ink for easier reference.

10425044_4571325736895_5120471078788765189_n Coming up with the various paragraphs and having the placeholder text included is nothing new, but i feel that i should document this part because it includes the alteration of a singular letter so as to have a prominent and strong start to the paragraph itself. The size of the first letter can be altered under the “paragraph” tab. The size is altered on the bottom left icon of the tab!

10378931_4571326176906_8751256945161532902_n Now with the letter “B” done up, i am able to move on to the next step which is to create 2 columns out, and then filling them up with texts. Again, this is nothing new. All one has to do to create the 2 columns is to press on the right arrow key WITHOUT LETTING GO OF THE KEY, once you have dragged out the text box to the desired size.


Alright, now that i’m done with the right page, its time to move on to the left!

10426823_4571327736945_2100980083228581920_nThe very first thing to do is to create a large text box, covering the whole page. This acts as the background colour of the while page.

10565215_4571328016952_8625547331259480298_n Now moving on to the very first letter on the page, the letter “G”! For the letter G, I chose the font size 1000 in order for it to be that big. The colour can be altered by clicking on the text colour icon i mentioned in the beginning of this post!

10404100_4571328256958_9182106053933580757_n Moving on! I added a “Goudy” word beside the gigantic G. The word “Goudy” is the main focus of this magazine spread, hence it has to be prominent and stand out from the texts on the right! For the letter “G” in “Goudy” I used the font size 200, while i used only 150 for the rest of the letters.

10570326_4571328576966_8501313154723159827_n Moving on to the net word added in! “American” was added after Goudy, and the font size of 80 for the letter “A” and the font size of 72 for the rest of the letters.

10580242_4571328776971_7238548943091732219_n Both the words “Master” and “Crafts” follow the same font sizes as “American”! (80pt for the first letter and 72pt for the rest)

10411772_4571329096979_7489411760722978113_n Now to add on to the aesthetics to the page, I have added in the rest of the letters which ultimately spells out “Goudy”..

10603244_4571329816997_9209665440023005876_n In my opinion, i feel that this part was the most challenging for me. Firstly, one has to individually alter the sizes as well as the colours of each letter. Not only that, when arranging the graphical elements, you would have to select the various different elements and either send them back or bring them forward, making it very tedious. But it was great experience and i learned a lot from this exercise!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.44.56 pm

After the alterations of the sizing and arranging the graphical elements, here is the final product! it was a tedious exercise but i definitely enjoyed doing it! 🙂


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