Indesign practice 4!

In this lesson. we were all given yet another task to complete. Just like other practices, this exercise tests our skills in indesign!


Step by step process 🙂

Starting off! Just like any other practice, I would start off by adding the name of the magazine first. The logo can be added by clicking “file”, then “place” and then you look for your folder. The image would then be selected and once u click on the curser you are able to change the size to fit the page.


10518707_4564925336889_62363902633240531_n Moving on! Now that i’ve got the logo down, i have to put an image of shakira beside it to add on to its design. But because the background is still on shakira, I have to open up photoshop, and using the magic wand tool, the background would be deleted!

10347690_4564925536894_9062455272061158693_n There. Now with the background deleted, i can move on!


The next thing i did was to do up the side bars of the other additional information that you want to include on the cover of a magazine, but at the same time not want to grasp too much attention from the readers. This is why the fonts and pictures are slightly smaller in size.


10487222_4564926536919_1049761987820974311_nHere is my completed side bar. 


Now adding in the main section of the magazine! As you can see, i added in the image of a jail cell  which is the main focus of the cover page. The texts go along with the huge dark image because they are bold and obvious. 


Now adding the short paragraph within the picture of the jail cells! What i hope to achieve here is a sloped paragraph design to make it stand out and add on to the aesthetics of the cover.


There we go! 


Now finishing up with the bottom part of the cover, i added another yellow divider to divide the sections so as to allow smooth reading for readers and also to avoid confusion.

So after a little editing and alterations in the sizes and positioning, here it is! The final product 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 9.33.03 pm  

I tried my best!



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