Different grids for magazine layout!

In this informative lesson, i learnt about the various grids systems one can use for a magazine layout.

Grid systems helps with with the layout of the magazine, making it more pleasing to the eye. When a layout is pleasing to the eye, it would allow the ease in reading because everything would seem organised.

Various parts of the columns are divided by the golden ratio on a spread. The golden ratio helps our eyes in positioning the things. It allows us to move things off the Center, because if everything is right smack in the middle, everything would look boring and rigid.

The dimensions o an A4 paper are: length 297mm, and the width 210mm. The simple measurement of an a4 paper would allow you to draw out your various grids and margins.

Margins act as a border for the page. Nothing should be out of the margin. Text might be dropped out of page. Margin of 10mm = 10mm away from the boarder of the paper. Every page requires a margin, because without the margin the possibility of the design exceeding the page’s corners would be high.

Gutter defines space between the columns. Gutters are the spaces between each text bar or image. They are usually about 5mm wide.


Now moving on to the 2 different grids available to use for magazine layout development!

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 5.26.40 pm

This is the first grid! Grid systems can facilitate creativity by providing a framework. This grid above is called the modular grid.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 5.35.46 pm

This grid is called the star grid! Now for this grid, we’re joing to use the ratio of the page to define the main text, or content, area of the pages. There’s a very simple way of reducing this page size down to make sure the ratio is correctly placed and balanced.


For my magazine layout proposal, i have chose to use the modular grid because it is the simplest to use as compared to the star grid. Here is my attempt at drawing it.



I have photocopied many copies so as to be able to develop my final layout to my liking! 






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