Indesign practice 3

In this lesson, we did yet another practice using indesign! This time we once again, learnt various different tools available in this application. We learnt how to curve texts as well as insert a image into texts to give the text a design!  This may sound confusing now, but the illustrations i have below will get you to understand what i’m talking about! 🙂

Just like any other STOPPRESS magazine exercise, we start off by dragging the “STOPPRESS” icon onto the new document. after adjusting the size to fit the page, we are ready to start on the text boxes!


So clicking and dragging out the text box, i pressed the left arrow key 3 times, forming 3 columns of texts. I also made one longer text box on the side of the page, added some texts, a headline as well as a background colour for the design of the page.


Now, i have changed the font of the headline in the yellow filled text column. I have also added texts using the “placeholder” text tool into the 4 columns i have created earlier.

10476404_4515587983486_284709279712997025_n Now changing the size of the first letter of the paragraph to allow it to stand out, hence allowing readers to know exactly where the paragraph starts without any confusion.


10301358_4515588183491_676049350462264076_n There we go!


10364198_4515588463498_2000615659370616568_nSo now i want the grids to show, so i clicked “Grids and guides” then followed by “Show basic grids”. This would allow me to have more accurate placements, ensuring nothing is out of the line or is disproportionate.  


10463051_4515588703504_8852284959983583881_n Alright, now that we’re done with the basics, time to move on to the new thing i learnt in this lesson! So firstly, I created a text saying “FREE SAMPLE INSIDE” with a custom font in the red box. I understand that you cannot see the 3 words i stated above in the illustration, but just hang in there. Do u see the picture icon my curser is pointing at?



Pick up the image, and drag it INTO the texts itself.


10473051_4515589023512_5927012314462528212_n Release the click and there you go, the previously boring white texts now have a little colour and texture to it!


10409080_4515589263518_5329058933505641758_n So this is currently what i have so far..


10382717_4515589503524_1010508608924934965_n Now because the image I just dragged into the text is rather large, only a small area is being cropped into the text. So what i’m doing now is resizing the image I dragged into the texts, allowing more colours to show, making it seem more vibrant.

10559746_4515589703529_2267002202086316799_n There! as you can see, there is a larger spectrum of colours within the texts.





Alright, now i have a “YES” on the empty space available! Following the same steps as stated above, i have added colour and texture to the text.


Now for the baby.. or whatever this thing is to add on to the design of the layout!! I used photoshop to croup out just the baby alone, leaving out the white spaces.


Now once you’ve got the white areas off, you can start adjusting the THING to your liking!

10559862_4515590743555_4546725639382963785_n Upon positioning it, just like the other practices, apply text wrap onto the image, and the texts would gravitate away from the image leaving it with a cool effect!


Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.04.21 pm Now this is the end product. As you can see, above the baby/THING i have added texts. I used the text bar tool to create a curved like, and typed out on the line.




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