Indesign practice 2

In this lesson, Mr Cheo gave us another practice to do on indesign while he goes around checking on our e-learning assignments! This activity allowed us to familiarise with the basic functions indesign has so as to be efficient and quick while doing future assignments and projects. In this particular practice, We did a magazine cover with a train in the text! This practice is very much similar to the previous exercise, where we had to do text wrap on the duck. However, for this particular practice, we had to animate the train from the actual image itself.  











In this illustration above, it shows the paragraph text. This tab allows one to alter the FIRST letter of the magazine article so as to catch the attention of the readers. The size of the first letter can be controlled by the arrow my curser is pointing at.

10352092_4493370428061_730000017906674184_nAfter altering the size, The letter would be big like this, allowing readers to know exactly where the magazine article starts.

10443492_4493370668067_4326983418689289644_n After adjusting the animated MRT into the texts, i used text wrap, once again to allow the texts to gravitate away from the train itself.

10489691_4493371068077_4238004993854494830_nThis illustration above shows me pointing at the “text wrap” icon that allows this.

10487284_4493370828071_2714226925817191693_n After adding in the elements of the main article, an extension article can be made on the bottom of the page because of extra space. In the illustration above, i am creating a text box and including the texts saying “BRAND NEW MRT” as an extension of the article above.

10462703_4493371268082_7998580618558580771_n After adding in the texts, and using text wrap around the “BRAND NEW MRT” text box to achieve the force field around it once again, the article is done!!


Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 7.08.38 pm

After an addition of a picture and adjustments of the text positioning, it is done! the above illustration is the final render! 🙂


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