In this lesson, i made my own movie poster with the use of photoshop! The original background was actually advertising for the dark knight! With the new knowledge from photoshop, i was able to create this cool looking poster with elmo substituted as the main character of the poster! Firstly, i took away the background of the original elmo image and started editing it. After which, i simply exported it over to the movie poster where i began the real editing! For elmo’s eyes, i used the brush tool to make it seem like he is frowning, and i also added flames above his hands to make it seem like he is the master of destruction! haha. For his legs, i had to use the masking took so as not to block the words that were initially already there. It was a tedious process but i still managed to do it! 🙂



In this image, i used the perspective view (learnt in photoshop lesson 3) so drag the elmo upwards, making it look taller



How i added the flames: the same way i edited the elmo into the poster! i simply found the picture of the flame online, cut out the background and put it all in the same page!


This is the start of the tedious process. I have used the masking tool to erase off part of the leg, and have to slowly colour it through the gaps of the letters.


Changing the foreground allows you to change between “erasing” and “colouring” while using the masking tool.


Almost there…


There! the finished product! 🙂





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